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“I am PC - Purposely pursuing the Christlike-character, as God intended - PERFECTLY CREATED!”

I am a Christian woman who has continuously struggled with who I am, authentically, as I try to live my life in total worship of my Creator, my God.  I am a wife of a pastor – commonly known in the Black Baptist Church as the First Lady (please, don’t stop reading and trust me, you’ll really get something out of this).  Now, if any of you are familiar with the concept of the First Lady, I’m sure you are also aware of the stereotypes that accompany that title – prim, proper, able to spit out the right scripture at the right time all the time, always perfectly appointed in dress and demeanor.  She can “sang”, direct the choir and play the piano – all at the same time, no less.  She was born saved, sanctified and filled with the Holy Ghost and she never made a mistake at any time in her life.

Well, get ready for this.  Take a seat because I can’t afford for you to hurt yourself when you faint, but I ain’t NONE of that! 

What I am is a woman who joined the church in my late teens, however, I truly didn’t develop a real, true relationship with God until I was 25 years old.  I can’t sing, nor can I play the piano, so you know I don’t direct the choir. Quick! Somebody get the smelling salts because I see some people going down!

Also, I’ve made plenty of mistakes along this path of relationship building and self-discovery.  See, I was well aware of who I was outside of Christ.  My continual battle is in finding out who I am now that I am inside the body Christ and He is inside of me. 

This journey has been painful, difficult, often times discouraging and filled with shame and disappointment.  I’ve been mad at everyone – God, my husband – the Pastor, my parents, friends – EVERYBODY!  I was living the life of an impostor.  In fact, I was the poster child for what is known as the Impostor Syndrome – needing to be somebody or something that you don’t believe you are skilled or properly prepared for! All I could see was my imperfections, my short comings, my being less than and lacking.  I thought I couldn’t be used by God because I was so IMPERFECT!

But, as I’ve studied the scriptures and continued on my journey, I’ve come to discovered that I am PERFECTLY CREATED!  God formed me in His image and likeness.  Although I’ve been deformed by sin, I am now, by the power of my Creator, being transformed to my original state of perfection.  I am PC – Perfectly Created.

So, when I teach women around the country at various churches and women conferences, it is my goal and purpose to reveal to them their perfection in the midst of their imperfections.  To shift the lens that they are looking through and help them to see themselves as God sees them.  Even though we’re going through some things that seem to affirm our imperfections, we need to be exposed to how God truly sees us and we need to start to understand that God is using each negative experience, each damaging message that we hear and play back to ourselves, each traumatic outcome to restore us to our originally perfect selves!

That leads me to the creation of PERFECTLY CREATED.  When I’ve been out teaching women and exposing my trails in an extremely open and transparent way, women have come to me and asked for more.  More teaching, more lessons, more something.  They tell me how they appreciate my honesty and my transparency.  How I’ve helped them in such a short time move closer to their most authentic selves and they want to continue this journey.  So, they’ve asked me to write books, start a blog, do some seminars – anything and something – so that we can continue the journey together.  Now, honestly, I was flattered by the suggestions and the enthusiasm, but honestly, I did not believe that I was ready for that type of exposure.  It’s ok for a room full of a couple hundred.  But to put myself on front street – so raw, transparent and open like that.  Open myself up to the haters, the internet trolls and to be ridiculed.  I ain’t ready.  However, God kept pushing and telling me that my perspective is needed, my story is important, and it must be shared.   He assured me that He would protect me, that He would never leave me and that this is part of His plan for my life.

So, here it is – PERFECTLY CREATED!  The journey to getting back to our most perfect selves – as God intended.  Take this journey with me!  I’m scared and excited all at the same time (is that even possible?)!


Bold, dynamic, God-fearing, powerful.  These are words that are often used to depict the amazingly engaging and effective delivery of Tonya C. Evans.

Tonya C. Evans – affectionately known as “Lady T,” is a disciple of Christ, a transparent teacher, a charismatic speaker, a Pastor’s wife of 24 years to Keith T. Evans, Pastor of Greater Mt. Eagle Baptist Church in Racine, WI. and a dedicated mother of Jasmine and Michaiah.  She is a proud graduate of Grambling State University where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Liberal Arts and she holds a Master of Science in Administration from Central Michigan University. 

Lady T has been blessed to be a regular speaker for Women’s Day for many churches in the Midwest.  She also serves as a teacher in the Women’s and Minister’s Wives Divisions for various conferences, workshops and institutes.  Anyone who has been blessed to hear her will strongly attest to the fact that Lady T is a dynamic and bold teacher and speaker who LOVES ministering the word of God!

When Lady T speaks/teaches/writes – she brings with her a NEXT LEVEL excitement about what God is doing, can do and will do in our lives, using humor and practical examples with the hope that others develop a stronger and more meaningful relationship with the Creator.  Lady T believes that it is not only important to know what the Bible says, but also, to apply it to our lives for the purpose of becoming excellent examples of who God really is!

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